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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for InterCafe 2012

You can find the FAQ for InterCafe 2012 in the

                                    InterCafe 2012 Customer Center

For more information please call +49-7461-966-5050.
FAQ for InterCafe 2004

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Registration [Print...]

How to register InterCafe 2004?
Choose the menu? → Registration
Enter the received registration information in the corresponding fields Registration Name, SoftwareCode, SoftwareKey.
• Pay attention to upper and lower case characters.
• You will need an internet connection to complete the registration process
• The language settings of your PC need to use Latin characters (no Arabic characters)

Is there a difference between the online registration via internet and the offline registration?
The online registration process via internet is easier and therefore recommended. You just have to enter the registration information you receive by e-mail. The offline registration process is only recommended if you are not able to connect to the internet with the Server PC. You will require a special registration code which will be provided by your reseller or blue image GmbH.

Why is it not possible to use the software key from version V2.9 for InterCafe 2004?
InterCafe 2004 is completely revised software with many new functions and a new design, too. Due to these improvements it was inevitable to charge a non-recurring update fee for the use of InterCafe 2004. After buying this update you will get new registration codes.

Server/Client [Print...]

What are the minimum system requirements for InterCafe 2004 Server/Client?
Hardware requirements:
• PC (IBM compatible) with 1000 MHz
• 256 MB main memory
• Screen resolution of 1024x768 pixel
• Color depth of 32 Bit
• Internet connection at the Server PC is recommended for the use of the SMS-Service.
To use the Server/Client solution it is necessary to set up a local area network (LAN). Depending on the operating system as well as numbers of Clients and the application area (e.g. games) it might be necessary to increase the hardware requirements.
Software requirements:
InterCafe 2004 works with Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
For the Print Manager of InterCafe 2004 you will need Windows XP/2000 as operating system. Policies depend on the operating system. You do not have to use a server operating system for the InterCafe 2004 Server. The network protocol is based on TCP/IP.

How do the Clients connect to the Server?
First you have to start the Client Config software and enter the name or the IP-address of the Server into the field computer name. If you are using a firewall on the Server/Client PCs you need to allow InterCafe 2004 applications (both, Server and Client program) for access to the local network. Afterwards you have to open the following menu in InterCafe 2004 Server: Settings → Client Config → Search for Clients. The Clients should now appear in the computer list, if not you have to check the network connection between Clients and Server.

There is no connection between Client and Server (Clients are all red). What can I do?
• Check the firewall settings on the Client and the Server PC.
• Is the correct Server IP-address or computer name entered at the Client configuration?
• Is the InterCafe Client software running at the Client PC?
• Check the network connection between Client and Server PC.
If you are using more than one Ethernet Network Adapter in your Server PC, it could be possible that you need to enter the IP-address which you want to use for the connect onto the local network that includes your Client PCs:
Open the menu Settings → Options → Options → Server and enter the necessary IP-address into the field Local IP (Server Settings). Afterwards you have to restart the InterCafe 2004 Server software. If there will be a change of the local IP-address the InterCafe 2004 Server software will change the address to the correct one and show a message in order to inform you.
• If there an IP-address entered under Settings → Options → Options → Server in the field Local IP (Server Settings) and you are using only one Ethernet Network Card you should delete this information and restart the InterCafe 2004 Server software.

How can I find out the correct IP-address of the Server?
Note: Please note that you can only use the IP-address if it is permanent. It is recommended to use the computer name of the Server PC instead.
• Start the windows command shell (Start → All Programs → Accessories → Command Shell or click Start → Run and call “cmd”) and enter the command “ipconfig”.
• Now you can read the IP-address from the LAN-Connection.

How can I find out the correct computer name of the Server?
• Right-click on My Computer on your desktop and choose Settings.
• Choose the tab computer name
• The computer name is shown in the box “computer name”.

How can I check my network connection? How do I execute a “ping”?
Start the windows command shell (Start → All Programs → Accessories → Command Shell or klick Start → Run and call “cmd”). Now you have to enter the command “ping” followed by the computer name or IP-address of the PC you wish to “ping”, e.g.:
“C:\>ping pc-name“ or “C:\>ping”
Now the network status is being checked by the sending of four packets of data to the computer name or IP-address which you have entered. If all packages reach their destination the network connection is ok. If you notice a loss of packages there probably exists a problem with your network connection. This means, that you have to check your hardware (network adapters, cable) and software settings (Windows). You might have to consult a technician who is specialised on network problems (e.g. the person that has set up your internet cafe).

The Client logs off immediately
This could result through a communication error between Server and Client. Please check the software versions of the InterCafe 2004 Server and Client software:
Server: Open the menu ? → About…
Client: Right-click on the computer in the InterCafe 2004 Server Computer Manager and choose Computer Information. If there are different versions you have to execute an update of the InterCafe 2004 software on each Client and the Server.

The Client Software does not start. There is an error message “Please wait while InterCafe is loading”
Click on the X and enter your password from the Client configuration to close the Client software. Start the Client Config software and remove the service. Close the Client Config software and reboot your computer. Start the Client Config software again and install the service. Afterwards you have to reboot your computer once again.

Why are the changes to the Client Config not applied?
You do not have enough administrative rights. Log in Windows using an administrator account. After you have made the changes you have to reboot the computer. If you are using any kind of recovery software you will need to disable this software before making any changes.

How can I perform an update?
Please print the PDF-Guide given below and follow the instructions:

Why does the Client not close the programs of the previous customer?
Start the Client Config and activate the option “Used programs will be closed at the end of the session” in the Policies.

How can I start the Client Config software?
The configuration software has to be started directly at the Client computer, there is no Client Config at the Server PC. Open the start menu and click on All Programs → InterCafe Client → Client Config.

Why does the Client not log off when the given credit is gone? Why does the Client count into minus?
Uncheck the option “Play & Pay” when starting a Client.

Why can the Clients not be started even though they are grey (free)?
• The minimum charge is higher than the credit at the start. Check the minimum charge and the interval or assign a higher start credit.
• Clients and Server do not have the same software version. Perform an update of the InterCafe 2004 software on each Client and the Server.

Why is there no locked screen when I start or reboot a Client PC?
• Check if the Maintenance mode is activated for this Client and deactivate the Maintenance mode if so.
• Check the network connection between Server and Client PC.

What can I do if a key of my keyboard does not work any more?
Very likely you have added a hotkey in the Cafe Manager. Right-click on any button in the Cafe Manager and choose “Delete Hotkey”. Hot keys can also be removed using the following tool:
(only execute while InterCafe 2004 Server is not running!)

Policies [Print...]

How can I remove the policies from a Client PC?
To remove policies from the Client you have to open the Client Config and go to the Policies tab. Select the user for which you want to remove the policies. If there is no user selected the changes will be made for the current user of the PC. Click on the button “Remove Policies”.

Policies are not being removed in the Maintenance Mode.
Open the Server menu Settings → Options → Options → Server and select the checkbox “Remove policies in Maintenance Mode”.

What can I do if changes to Policies do not show any effect?
1. Check the administrative rights:
To transfer the policies InterCafe 2004 needs enough rights. Due to this you need to start the software with administration rights or install the software as service. Check the rights under which the software is running in the task manager. The “Client.exe” should run as user SYSTEM if the software is installed as service and the “crestarter.exe” runs with current user privileges.
2. Conflict between names:
The computer name might be the same as the name of the current user. This combination results in different problems during the transfer of policies. If this is the cause you have to change the computer name (not the name of the current user!) To find out the computer and user name open the windows command shell (Start → All Programs → Accessories → Command Shell or click Start → Run and call “cmd”) and type “set” + [Enter]. Now you can read the values of the entries for USERNAME and COMPUTERNAME. To change the computer name follow these instructions:
• Right-click on My Computer on your desktop and choose Settings.
• Choose the tab computer name
• Select “Change the Name of the computer”

Why does the changing of Policies not take effect on the Client PCs?
When you change the policies you have to transfer them again to the Client PC.

Windows Login [Print...]

How can I activate the automatic Windows Login?
Open the windows command shell (Start → All Programs → Accessories → Command Shell or klick Start → Run and call “cmd”) and enter “control userpasswords2” + [Enter]. A new window with a list of all windows user appears. Select the user which you want to be used for auto login of Windows. Uncheck the option “User have to enter username and password”. You might have to enter and confirm the right password of the current user. This user will now be startet and logged in automatically every time you boot the Client.

How can I log into Windows with a different user that is not shown in the user list.
To log in with a different user account you have to press the left shift key during the boot process to get to the windows login.

Print Manager [Print...]

Is it possible to have different prices for color and b/w prints?
Yes, but you need to install a system printer for each color and b/w printer. Control Panel → Printer → Add Printer.

Why does the print manager not work?
Please check if you have done all steps of the print manager installation instructions which you can download from:
If necessary try to reinstall the printer by following the instructions of the manual.

I cannot choose a print processor. What can I do?
InterCafe 2004.0.47 or newer required. Please download and install the InterCafe print driver from
Reboot your PC after the installation.

Customers can print for free. How can I configure the print manager?
InterCafe 2004.0.47 or newer required. Follow the instructions of the print manager manual which you can download from this link:

Why is there no printer to choose in the print preview?
Open the InterCafe Client Config and activate the installed printer in the print manager settings.

Which printer needs to be set as default printer at the Client PC?
You need to set the “Virtual Printer” as default printer.

Why is it not possible to print on the printer which is installed on the Server PC?
The ICPrintBlocker is blocking all print requests that do not come from the virtual printer. Please install the local printer on the Server PC a second time and do not share it in the local area network. No you can use this local printer to print from the Server PC.

SMS [Print...]

Where can I get SMS?
You can add SMS to your SMS account by purchasing a SMS package either from your reseller or directly from blue image.

How can I add the purchased SMS to my SMS account?
Your SMS account will be updated directly by blue image.

My SMS account shows “zero” even though I should still have SMS on my account.
Please check your internet connection. If there is no internet connection the SMS credit can not be displayed. Also please double check your SMS code in Settings → Options → Options

Kiosk Software [Print...]

When I start the Kiosk Software the following message is being displayed on the locked screen: “Bitte lassen Sie sich freischalten!”. What can I do?
Perform a double click with your mouse in the upper left corner of the screen. A window appears which allows you to access the admin area by entering the admin password.

Coin Acceptor [Print...]

What is the difference between the coin acceptor EMP 800.13 and the EMP 800.04?
The coin acceptor EMP 800.13 is connected to the COM port of your PC with the COM-400 interface. The coin acceptor only accepts coins while software is running (not during the boot sequence of your PC). The coin acceptor gets power from an external power supply.

The coin acceptor EMP 800.04 can be programmed by dip switches at the casing of the coin acceptor. It is connected to the LPT port of your PC and powered by the power supply of your PC. The coin acceptor accepts coins as soon as it has power (this means also during the boot sequence of your PC). This model is not recommended for gaming PCs or PCs with very old hardware (small processor, small memory).

My parallel port coin acceptor takes coins without saving the credit in the software. What can I do?
If you use your PC at high capacity it can happen that the PC does not get the impulse which was sent by the coin acceptor. So the credit is not given in the software. This case mainly happens when using games or similar programs. If you equip your PC with a better CPU and/or more memory or by reprogramming the coin acceptor through the blue image GmbH the usage of the coin acceptor can be improved.

Will the credit be lost when the customer logs off?
Yes, unless the customer saves his credits on a member account (optional).

Miscellaneous [Print...]

How can I perform a data backup?
Automatic data backup:
Settings → Options → Options → Backups.
Backup the files “Daten.mdb” and “Journal.mdb” from the application directory of InterCafe 2004 (mostly c:\Program Files\INTERCAFE).
Manual data backup:
Backup these two files to a storage media (e.g. a CD).

How do I configure the firewall?
InterCafe 2004 Server has to be configured as an exception. It is not possible to block the complete data transfer in the local area network and the button “no exceptions” needs to be inactive. If you consider these points and you are still not able to get a network connection you have to open the following ports:
8800 for the connection between Server and Clients
8850 for the software update
8900 for the print manager
If you are using any InterCafe Special Modules you need to open the following ports:
Payment Terminal: 8750 and 8600
WLAN solution: 8650
WebBlock Proxy Configuration: 8725
Linux Client: 8950 and 8951
MemberData Manager: 8810, 8820 and 8830

For more information please call +49-7461-966-5050.
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